This special section combines targeted projects to help children with heart disabilities, corporate projects with Ukrainian companies, and personal companies of people who want to help children.

Each hryvnia listed for any of the projects of this special section will help us save children with congenital heart defects throughout Ukraine. Today, thanks to all charitable contributions, the hearts of 155 children are saved. We need your help because this year, the state again threw out the program to save children with congenital heart defects from the funding budget.

Detailed information about the collected and spent funds is in each project.

Congenital heart disease in our country sounds like a sentence. Especially when the sum of above 100,000 hryvnias for a heart implant-occluder separates from salvation. For a simple Ukrainian family, these are enormous sums, sick children and grief-stricken parents.

Three newborns die every day due to heart disease in Ukraine. Every year in Ukraine, about 5,500 thousand children are born with congenital heart defects; among these children, more than 500 can be saved even without an incision of the chest! To do this, you need to install heart implants for them!

At the National Institute. Amosov's professional cardiac surgeons, behind whose shoulders thousands of saved hearts, have been performing free-of-charge operations to eliminate heart defects since 2013. But without implants, they are powerless; heart implants are not purchased by the state this year. All children needing surgery this year cannot get help and a chance for a healthy life. The parents of these children do not know where to get funds for heart implants. These are ordinary families on the verge of poverty.

Every year we supported the state and, together with benefactors, covered needs that budget funds did not cover. Over the years, we have purchased over 600 heart implants. More than half a thousand lives have been saved behind these projects.

So, this year, the platform, together with the "Heart of the Future" charity foundation and all those who are not indifferent, continues the national project "Save the Heart."

Our goal is ambitious. To unite all people around a problem that the state cannot solve.

We want to give healthy hearts to all children from all over Ukraine. Join us.