Education for children of fallen Heroes

Education for children of fallen Heroes

The Children of Heroes Charitable Foundation, GoITeens, an online IT academy for children and teenagers, and the charity platform have joined forces to provide 3,000 children with digital education. 

The destructive, bloody full-scale war waged by Russia against Ukraine has been going on for over a year and a half. During this time, many cities and towns have been razed to the ground, thousands of Ukrainian defenders and civilians have been killed and tortured. Children are left without full parental care, and the Russian Federation takes away either their father or mother. Sometimes both. 

Children of Heroes is a foundation that has taken on the mission of helping the children of fallen heroes since the first days of the full-scale invasion. As of now, the foundation has over 6000 children under its care. And this number is growing every day. The Foundation provides not one-time but systematic assistance: priority financial aid, psychological and legal support, and promotes the education and development of children until they reach adulthood. The Foundation looks to the future. And it is high-quality modern education that will help children who lost the universe in an instant to have decent prospects, to move on confidently and build a happy life in our country.

66% of the families under the care of the Children of Heroes Foundation have a difficult financial situation, so these children often do not have the opportunity to attend additional courses or clubs they dream of. This also applies to modern IT education. 

To give 3,000 children of fallen heroes a chance to acquire new skills and unleash their potential in the field of IT, we are launching an educational fundraiser. To give them the opportunity to become successful and start their careers before entering university. To expand their knowledge and skills, find new friends and interests. We have created a large charity fundraiser so that everyone can join in and feel involved in the upbringing of children whose parents were killed by the enemy for our independence. 

The GoITeens online IT academy specializes in IT education for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17. And this is exactly the mission of their business - to provide quality education to children and help them create their own success story before entering university. Over the 8 years of the Academy's existence, more than 45 thousand children have completed the training programs. 

And one of them is Yaroslav Kostushevych, a ward of the Foundation.

For six months now, 14-year-old Yaroslav has been studying at GoITeens on the GameDev course, which is a computer game developer. Yaroslav is from the Luhansk region and is going through the war for the second time. During the occupation of Bucha, his stepfather was killed, and later his own father died. The boy stayed with his mother. Yaroslav needs special care to cope with his congenital disease. Despite all these terrible circumstances, Yaroslav loves programming, so he invests all his time and energy in this hobby. For the New Year, one of the donors of the Children of Heroes Foundation presented Yaroslav with a tablet - imagine his joy. He dreams of becoming successful to develop his country. And we are helping to realize his dream.

To ensure that this story is not an exception, Children of Heroes, GoITeens and have launched a fundraising campaign to raise UAH 35 million. This is the amount that will provide 3,000 wards of the foundation with quality IT education. 

Ordinary people can join the project by making a contribution of 1 hryvnia or more on the website of the charity platform, as well as socially responsible companies. All 100% of the funds raised will go to pay for educational programs for the children of Heroes.


The corporate and media partner of the charity initiative is Starlight Media Group.

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