Buy a Date – Help Ukraine IV
Buy a Date – Help Ukraine IV

Buy a Date – Help Ukraine IV

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Started: 26.03.2020
Total collected
350000.00 UAH
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350000.00 UAH
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Thank you all for your active participation and your bids in the IV Charity Auction "Buy a Date – Help Ukraine"! This is how amazing woman, Irina Snitynska, decided to unite the Ukrainians. You are now just one step away from meeting with person you would love to meet. Press the "Support" button and follow the instructions, be sure to include your name and the lot number for which you are making a donation.

The online auction ran from March 5 to March 26. All the money raised will go to the big dream – to open a new Dzherelo Centre for daily services for children with disabilities.

We at Dzherelo Centre dream that all children have a decent and happy life every day, no matter what complex diagnoses they grow up with. Dreams have the ability to come true. We already have a room over 120 square meters. It needs to repaired, we want to build a large ramp for wheelchairs, equip an accessible bathroom, and buy furniture according to the needs of the children who will be served there. Thank you for helping us!

Dzherelo Children's Rehabiliration Centre is providing quality family-centered services to the maximum number of children and young people with special needs and at-risk children in Ukraine for over 25 years.

Done - reports are ready,
the project is completed.

Thank you for your support!

Done - reports are ready

Катюша Одесса
19.04.2020 23:15
2031.65 UAH
Charity donation
17.04.2020 20:43
500.00 UAH
Charity donation
17.04.2020 12:19
1527.49 UAH
Charity donation
17.04.2020 09:49
1018.33 UAH
Charity donation
15.04.2020 23:51
1019.61 UAH
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