Sustainability4Ukraine: Directly Support Local NGOs in Ukraine
Sustainability4Ukraine: Directly Support Local NGOs in Ukraine

Sustainability4Ukraine: Directly Support Local NGOs in Ukraine

Started: 14.06.2022
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Global Fundraiser and Web-a-thon for Civil Society and Sustainability in Ukraine:

Donate to Directly Support Local NGOs in Ukraine

Your donation will be added to the $100,000+ already generously committed by our event sponsors.

The war in Ukraine comes on top of a deluge of unprecedented global events that threaten to turn back progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and undermine the well-being of people and the environment around the world.

Due to the war, many local NGOs in Ukraine have had to quickly adapt to support disaster relief, and immediate humanitarian needs. Many local NGOs have received no external support and  in war-affected areas, many NGO offices have been physically destroyed, the existing funding for the majority of organizations is running out, and there is no guarantee that resources will be there in the future.

GlobeScan, CSR Ukraine and CSR Europe are organizing a fundraiser and 24-hour web-a-thon event on June 21st/22nd to bring the global sustainability community together to explore the implications of recent events and global trends for the future of sustainability as well the need for more collaborative, inclusive efforts to advance sustainable development.

This event and ongoing fundraising campaign aims to raise vital financial support for local NGOs in Ukraine that have been devastated by the war.Please make a donation online here to help support the local NGOs in Ukraine listed below and build a stronger foundation for the future of sustainability and civil society.

Organizations to support: 

Dostupno.UA (Ініціатива Доступно.UA ( – the NGO has been defending the rights of people with disabilities in Ukraine (~6% of the population) since 2015. Since the war began, access to social assistance, food, hygiene and other basic needs, including employment and housing, has become especially difficult for people with disabilities. Dostupno.UA provides vital support and assistance with meeting these basic needs. It also endeavors to work with companies and construction firms to expand the availability of facilities and infrastructure for people with disabilities.

Democratic Initiatives Foundation ( – this is one of Ukraine’s oldest and most influential independent think tanks. It focuses on SMART policy analysis of key events and development of policy recommendations for decision making bodies and civil society. With our project, we want to map the way people think about the ongoing events, what are the most memorable events that remain in the subconsciousness. No matter how this war of aggression ends, we need to prepare to live with the new facts. Our data will help to advocate a sound memory and cultural policies so that we can have truthful history books.

Ecoclub Rivne ( – the public organization in Rivne has been working to preserve the environment for over 20 years. In 2020 Ecoclub Rivne helped the city of Voznesensk install the first solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Ukraine, which continues to provide energy to the city’s people under the war. Other cities in Ukraine seek support and opportunities to install similar PV facilities to get access  to safe water sources and for the hospitals. Partner cities include Mirnograd (Donetsk Oblast), Merefa (Kharkiv Oblast), Nizhyn (Chernigiv Oblast). Later, this experience can be used in rebuilding Ukraine.  

SpivDiya ( – the organization’s team of 220 people unites 23 youth hubs across 18 regions of Ukraine that provide support, opportunities and career development for youth as well as promote gender equity and inclusion. In response to the war, it has developed and operates a P2P platform that combines the needs of the country with opportunities for help. The platform raises funds for food kits that help address the shortage of affordable access to food and basic services for people in Ukraine while also supporting local business and the country’s economy.

CSR Ukraine (, a non-profit organization working to advance sustainability and social responsibility.  The project CSR Ukraine collects money is about application of sustainability principles in rebuilding Ukraine and improvement of sustainability knowledge of employees of Ukrainian companies. The project foresees courses and grants for sustainability managers and renovators, as well as an internship scheme in foreign companies, and the introduction of the position of sustainability  manager during the reconstruction of cities. The more people with sustainable thinking we have, the better the rebuilding process Ukraine will organize. 

Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) ( - an open academic community training leaders to serve with professional excellence in Ukraine and internationally. UCU’s Institute of Leadership and Management provides the only Master's Program in Nonprofit Management for civil society organizations in Ukraine. Funds will be used to develop the most motivated leaders of public organizations and charitable foundations, who are now fighting for Ukraine’s future, and build the capacity of their organizations to advance sustainability and resilience in Ukraine.

Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine ( – includes six NGOs working to promote zero waste and the sustainable use of resources. Under the Project the Alliance will help to purchase sustainable basic necessities (menstrual cups, soap and shampoos,  thermoses) to support Ukrainian communities that need them the most. The Alliance is also planning two research programs on: 1) how to manage waste created by the war; and 2) developing recommendations for waste management systems in Ukrainian cities during the rebuilding phase.

UCF “Krona” ( – was founded in 2006. The fund's programs are aimed at improving the health of children and adults, creating an inclusive accessible environment for all, social adaptation of children with disabilities, and preserving the environment. For 13 years of activity, assistance has been provided for 90,000,000 UAH. The main sources of funding are private and corporate donations and grants. The project involves the purchase of a powerful generator for the Skalat Communal District Hospital in the Ternopil region. Such a generator will power the equipment in intensive care, operating rooms, and diagnostics.

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