They can have tomorrow with you together
They can have tomorrow with you together

They can have tomorrow with you together

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Started: 27.02.2013
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Organization “Lucky Strand” needs help to prevent 150 stray dogs to be returned back to the streets. Now they are still in the old shelter but landlord is taking back the leased premises - dogs will have nowhere to live soon. However, “Lucky Strand” has found a place for a new shelter. The only and main problem is no financing enough to equip and move because we take all expenses with our private money.

The Organization members are one of those who feel responsible to solve stray animals’ problem across Kiev and suburbs through humane control of their numbers. But we are regularly shocked by stories of violent and cruel killings of animals which already have been sterilized, adapted and socialized by us!

To save them we (the volunteers) have founded Kiev Animal Organization “Lucky Strand”. Main goal of such organization is to found and support shelters for stray and unwanted animals as well as active work on their adoption to families. At the moment the Organization provides home for 150 dogs, and knowing this situation in our city the number of stray animals will increase only in the shelter. Our organization members take care of dogs on their private expenses (food, medicine, vet. service, workers’ salary). Shelter is not supported by municipal department s, has no sponsors.

There is desperate situation for us now. Landlord’s going to sell old shelter area where we made everything by ourselves. Animals which were rescued before may come to be stray ones again. We applied for help to government departments but all our requests were rejected, citing the fact there is no budget to help stray animals. Organization members found new area for new shelter - former pigsties but reconstruction is needed very much - build cages, fence, walking areas, supply light, water etc...

Due to lack of financial means to move we have to ask for help to all who also care about the small brothers’ fate – please give us all possible assistance in setting up a new shelter. We hope that you will not remain indifferent, perceive our message as a cry for help and do not let to leave the lurch these dogs.

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Done - reports are ready

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08.08.2013 11:59
100.00 UAH
Маряна Білан
08.08.2013 11:52
200.00 UAH
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07.08.2013 18:04
291.00 UAH
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07.08.2013 14:07
400.00 UAH
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07.08.2013 13:43
49.00 UAH
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