Kurazh joins the Aerial Reconnaissance League 3.0.

At the Charity Kurazh, we raise UAH 3,000,000 for a mobile control centre for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

With these funds, the "Come Back Alive" Foundation will purchase a mobile control centre for different types of reconnaissance UAVs.

This is a specially equipped four-wheel drive beadle from which scouts can control, for example, Shark and Lelek-100, transmit targets and adjust the fire of our artillery, HIMARS and Storm Shadow to a depth of 60 km. The vehicle has comfortable workplaces, the necessary power, communication equipment, climate control for external pilots and hardware, as well as special places for transporting the MACs and all the necessary equipment to control them. This van will enable the reconnaissance crews to travel to the areas of operations and, if necessary, quickly change their location.

How can you join the initiative? Attend the event, donate to the fundraising project or take part in charity activities at the event!

By supporting this fundraising project with any amount, you are helping our defenders to bring the victory closer.

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13.06.2024 16:30
5000.00 UAH
13.06.2024 10:10
13700.00 UAH
12.06.2024 16:06
1217984.00 UAH
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12.06.2024 12:52
13751.00 UAH
12.06.2024 11:15
243845.00 UAH
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