Results of 2021 from

Results of 2021 from

The year 2021 was full of challenges, but together with you we continued to save the lives of children and adults. We supported those in trouble and created new opportunities.

We have raised more than 67 million UAH for good deeds this year! And this is targeted assistance for 453 children and 118 adults, support for the work of social centers, boarding schools, shelters, cultural and sports projects, assistance to animals, restoration of infrastructure and much more.

Goodness swept the whole country without exception! Together with reliable and transparent charitable foundations, we managed to acquire vital medical equipment, which is already saving the lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainians in the departments of medical institutions in 29 Ukrainian cities.

Among the most important events of the year:

Within the framework of the joint action "The Road of Good" with WOG, BF Tnoya Opora and Masha Efrosinina for the Amosov Institute acquired two operating tables, the total cost of which is 2 085 804 UAH, three double-syringe pumps (222 600 UAH in total) and 15 vials of Custodiol (65 400 UAH in total). IPAG received a modern incubator for 627 096 UAH. Clinical departments of medical institutions accept for treatment the most difficult patients from all regions of Ukraine. First of all, those who cannot be helped at the place of residence. Therefore, future mothers and sick children come to IPAG with great hope for recovery.

For more than 2 years, clients of monobank have been giving their cashback for the benefit and support of modern apparatus medicine in Ukraine as part of a partnership with the courage charity event. During this time, benefactors have collected more than 27 million UAH and purchased more than 100 pieces of equipment. This is medical equipment that saves the lives of prematurely born children – young patients of maternity hospitals. Their weight sometimes reaches 500 grams, and their nursing depends on the availability of the necessary devices. About 20,000 such babies are born every year, and this is every 12th child in Ukraine.

For 6 years in a row, we, together with the CF Svichado, the Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine and the Early Birds Foundation, with the technical support of the Idealsecrets event agency, have been joining the World Prematurely Born Day and illuminating the Sofia Kyivska bell tower, uniting people around this problem. In 2021, we also made a photo project "Every gram is valuable", which depicts children who were born prematurely and holding objects whose weight is equal to the weight with which they were born.
The author of the works was the famous photographer Anna Goltsberg.

Well-known opinion leaders and ordinary Ukrainians actively used the new platform tool – Campaigns – and collected more than 2 500 000 UAH to help those who found themselves. These are personal holidays, birthdays and important events of not indifferent people, which they celebrate especially – calling on all their subscribers and friends to give gifts with content. By creating personal Campaigns on the platform, anyone can become a wizard and change someone's destiny, uniting everyone around any charitable project.

This year, and the Heart of the Future Foundation have set themselves the goal of helping children from all over Ukraine with heart defects in need of urgent operations to install heart implants. This is how the "Save the Heart" project arose.
Thanks to caring philanthropists, personal campaigns for the holidays and socially responsible business, including Antoshka, TYUSO, Identity Invest, Diesel Show and others, we managed to raise 7 845 670 UAH and save 96 children in 2021.
Also, the mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine joined our big mission, which, thanks to the "Good deed as a gift" charity program and its subscribers, collected 3 173 150 UAH and saved 42 children.

This year we are celebrating the third birthday of the joint project "Children's Hope" with Kyivstar. For 3 years of its existence, more than 9 000 000 UAH have been collected. During the existence of the project, about half a million charitable messages have been sent. To date, the equipment has been purchased for up to 39 hospital departments in 4 regions of Ukraine.

Viewers of "Vіkna - novyny" on STB performed a miracle and sent over 600 000 UAH to rescue 8-year-old Eva Shkulko in one evening. Eva's treatment has been going on for more than one year, and it was on the eve of the winter holidays that the next course of targeted therapy with Avastin had to be started. It was as she recovered that little Eva wrote in a letter to St. Nicholas, and more than 3,000 ordinary Ukrainians gave her hope.

A humorous project "Diesel Show" for the New Year donates one million hryvnia to save the lives of 11 children with congenital heart defects. All children underwent surgery at the Amosov National Institute and are celebrating the New Year with healthy hearts.

This year, public figure Yaroslava Gres, who annually devotes to charity activities for her birthday, set an absolute record for personal donation at – 1 058 600 UAH! The funds were divided between the Kiev Center "Dacha", where children who are being treated for cancer live, the Lviv Center "Dzherelo", where children study, socialize and enjoy their lives, whose fate has had great trials, the UAanimals foundation, which help in the fight for animals and a serviceman who was wounded in the ATO – Sasha Kovalenko.

We are grateful to you for all the good deeds that we have done together at
Every charitable project is backed by the best and proven charitable organizations from any corner of Ukraine.
Behind each contribution are huge kind hearts of caring people who made their contributions, which reached both 1 UAH and 150 000 UAH in the blink of an eye.

Every contribution is backed by socially responsible businesses and companies that have made charity a part of their business.
Every day your indifference was the engine of our work, and every charitable contribution turned into honest and real good deeds.

Throughout the year, together we have created a world where everyone does good!

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